Services Rental Property & Negative Gearing

Property investment is a speciality at Taubenschlag & Associates.  It is a topic we approach with enthusiasm and enjoy working with clients who have invested in, or wish to explore the potential advantages of, property investments.

Each year property investors neglect to claim thousands of dollars due to lack of understanding of the taxation system or poor tax advice. We endeavour to ensure that you claim all you rental deductions.
The ATO has indicated its continued plan to focus much of its audit activity on rental property deductions. It is now more vital than ever to ensure that you are claiming the correct amount and minimizing the tax you pay.


Our vast experience in providing advice to property investors has indicated that depreciation is an often neglected claim for investment property.  We have established a professional association with BMT Quantity Surveyors, Australia's leading preparer of depreciation schedules and quantity surveying services. This enables you to claim the maximum depreciation on your property every year and take full advantage of the tax benefits of a negatively geared property.